SPMR Precious Metal Refinery.

SPMR Precious Metal Refinery was in precious metals recycling plant, QEHS management system is established in containing the obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certification and join the LBMA (London bullion market Association), the SBMA (bullion market Association of Singapore) DMCC (dibaiduo items), members, and by Singapore Inspection Bureau (SAO) stringent standards, officially licensed by the Singapore Government in March 2015, Becoming Singapore's first and only private gold-smelting plant.
Singapore Precious Metal Refinery Pte Ltd, referred to as SPMR, introduction of the latest treatment of smelting technology and through various international quality certification, become an international gold Association qualified gold-smelting factory, but also because of its quality and international status, and entered the gold trading center in Singapore in October 2015, gold markets play a very important leadership position in Asia.

Certification and license

01. Metal Refinery site certification

02.Merlion certificate of authority

03. Ministry of the environment issued gold extraction permits

04. Metal Refinery registered certificate