At the end of last year, Singapore GTIC Group held a year-end care dinner at 12/27, and invited major companies from Taiwan to assist the "Taiwan Care Home Association" to provide life needs for the vulnerable babies and children of the Care Home. "President of Miramar Park" donated 150 tickets to Miramar Ferris Wheel. 
The staff of GTIC Group used a weekend to recruit a group of volunteers on 1/15 (day) and take the Ferris wheel with the baby of the caring home. I hope that through this move, the children who experience the Ferris wheel for the first time can leave happy memories. As the altitude rises slowly, the Ferris wheel overlooks the Dazhi Neihu District and looks at their focused eyes and smiles. I believe this event will leave a deep impression on everyone.

GTIC staff accompanying children for a day of fun - GTIC Foundation