Yunus Foundation and GTIC International Group

jointly setup a Charity Foundation 

"Yunus Foundation and GTIC Group will go to the urban areas of New Taipei  to carry out voluntarily and charity programs to improve living standards"

Taiwan Yunus Foundation and Jinpinxuan International Group cooperate with social enterprise CSR sustainability plan,

On August 17, the three primary schools in the Xinbei City Taiwan 106 line included Yongding Elementary School, Pingxi Elementary School and very small country.

I look forward to helping solve social problems in the local area through the model of Yunus Social Business.

The Yunus Foundation was founded by the Nobel Peace Prize winner and the founder of Grameen Bank (known as the Bank of the Poor) Muhammad. Dr. Yunus was authorized to establish,

In order to build a national social enterprise through education, we have recently promoted a day-long activity for young social entrepreneurs .

During the summer, the camp has been opened in the Greater Taipei area and in Taichung, and the northern part of the country has led the children from the hometown of New Taipei City to navigate the city of Taipei.

Taichung Wufeng just completed a grand tour for the Fuzhou Elementary School student in Guangfu New Village on August 16.

With this course module, the Foundation and Jinpinxuan Group brought the event to the three national schools, enabling the students of the three schools to travel to the city to study and learn in action.

At the same time, it plans to jointly promote the urban and rural co-education plan of the three schools, and hold a social enterprise-oriented rural tour experience camp. The children who are attracted to the urban area will be sub-station education based on the Yongding Elementary School, Pingxi Elementary School and the very small country.

Enhance the communication and empathy of the urban and rural children, and activate the community of Shijie and Pingxi, while promoting students to find inspiring thinking for the transformation of the community for the declining hometown. Yongding Elementary School, Pingxi Elementary School and very small country have a long history. They used to be a bustling commercial district. In the heyday, the three primary schools accommodated more than 4,000 students.

However, after the shift of economic focus, the large population of young and middle-aged people has caused the average school to have only about 40 students in each primary school, and the surrounding communities are facing severe aging.

The Yunus Volunteer Group will cooperate with social enterprise CSR projects to integrate teachers' resources in different fields. It is expected to be stationed in the three schools to assist in supplementary and extracurricular training in the mode of teaching and accommodation. Cai Huiling, Chairman of the Yunus Foundation of Taiwan, said that Jinpinxuan International Group supports the social enterprise of Yunus as a corporate social responsibility practice.

And took the lead in setting up the Yunusuan Jinzhixuan Volunteer Team in the group, and concentrating the employees in the company to establish a non-profit organization volunteer team. And together with the Foundation Volunteer Group to do public welfare, this is a very meaningful model of innovation and good deeds.

With the volunteering of volunteers and the social activities of young entrepreneurs, from the action-oriented education of strong chemical children's social enterprise innovation thinking and self-reliance ability, personally promote the transformation and breakthrough of the community.


The Jinpinxuan Group has long been committed to the charity activities of the local township and has donated money to support the supplementary programs of the three schools. Under the global trend of CSR (Corporation Social Responsibility), we expect to conduct public welfare undertakings in the most innovative and efficient way.

Luo Tingxuan, president of Jinpinxuan Group, believes that it is quite recognized that social enterprises can create sustainable and self-sufficient philanthropy.

I look forward to working with the Yunus Foundation to accurately solve the long-standing social problems in the countryside.

In the future, the Yunus Foundation will also expand the CSR program for social enterprises, and bring together conscience companies with consensus to solve the social problems in the rural areas. 
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