Global economy uncertainty is ever increasing

Global economy uncertainty is ever increasing and market volatity in the last decade has been at very high levels across a wide range of markets and sectors. 

Throughout this period gold has remained as a store of wealth and a liquid global currency. GTIC Group is in the forefront of bringing innovative precious metal products to investors to allow them to share in the benefits of owning physical precious metals.

Our Vision

The GTIC Group vision is crystal clear. Our vision is to bring benefits of physical precious metal investment to all investors and in all economies that GTIC Group operates in.

The key to our vision is our Smart Saving programs. These structure savings programs allow all metal investors to learn about the benefits of physical precious metals and share in these benefits.


GTIC Group is:

  • A leading participant in the development of precious metals industry

  • Developing an integrated business model from mining, through refining and onto to large scale retail of physical precious metals

  • Providing sophisticated  digital platforms for physical precious metals purchase and management for investors.





GTIC Group Mission

The GTIC Group mission is to provide all investors and customers with 

  • Precious metal products of the highest quality and integrity

  • A continuous education process via learning experiences and corporate events to provide updates on market conditions, new products and services

  • A culture of trust  and innovation to allow our highly trained staff to provide our customers with the highest quality services.    

GTIC Contribution to Society

One of the core philosophies of GTIC Group is our belief that being in business is not enough. From our earliest days we believed that we must give back to the less fortunate in the communities that we operate in through extensive charitable activities. As a result we provide assistance programs and charitable donations to a wide range of charities.


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