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Since its founding in Singapore in 2014 GTIC Group has emerged as a growing regional conglomerate. The history set out below highlights significant events in its growth. 


2014/03 Singapore Alchemy Factory License
Singapore Precious Metal Refinery(SPMR) Obtained the Gold Refinery License

2014/03 Singapore Precious Metal Refinery

Authorizes GTIC Gold Refinery (S) Co., Ltd.
as exclusive ditributor of Merlion Gold & Silver Bullion for Global Market

2014/04 Singapore's 50th Anniversary - Launching of the 'Merlion Gold Bar'
Held in Dubai International Gold Conference.

2014/08  Visit Huludao in the mainland China

Invited to inspect and explore the business potential in Huludao

2014/07 Acquired Peru's gold mining rights for the development of mines
Setting up of Gold mining operation in Peru

2014/12 Launching of GTIC International Precious Metal Co. Ltd. Taiwan
Incorporation of GTIC Taiwan (GTIC Gold Trade International Co. Ltd.)

2014/12 Green Energy Conference - Bio Mas power Plant
GTIC Group invested interest 

 2014/12 Visit to Xinneng Optoelectronics-Taiwan Sunshine PV. Corp
GTIC Group Invested interest


'GTIC Official Launching' in Taiwan. This mark the official distribution of 'Singapore Merlion Gold Bars'

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2015/06 First phase of  'Gold Dealer Charter Professional Training'
Presentation of Certificate to successful candidates

2015/09 E-Commerce business launched - China Merchants Association 
A series of GTIC e-commerce business was presented & commence in China

2015/10 GTIC Group expanded to Banqiao
GTIC office was setup in Banqiao, to further expand its interest in China

2015/06 Second phase of  'Gold Dealer Charter Professional Training'
Presentation of Certificate to successful candidates

2015/12 GTIC Vice President Ms. Luo awarded the "Gold Expert Award"
GTIC Vice President Luo receiving the “Gold Expert Award” in Taiwan


2016/01 'GTIC High Gold' Regular Purchase of 12 months - Program Launched
A continuous monthly purchase of gold per annum (12 months)

2016/09 GTIC Gold Refinery Co. Ltd. was established and launched in Taiwan
Incorporation by Gold Refinery(S) Co., Ltd. In Taiwan

2016/10 GTIC Vice president - TV program on CTS named “Happy Life”

China happy life - an investment financial TV program broadcast.

2016/12 Year-end year party - 'Love & Care' - Sponsored by GTIC Group

A fund raising event for the Harmony Home Association Taiwan


GTIC Vice president - TV program on CTS named “Happy Life”

China happy life - an investment financial TV program broadcast


2017/01 GTIC Gold Refinery Co. Ltd. obtained  registration certificate
GTIC Gold Refinery(S) Co. Ltd. obtained refinery registration certificate in Taiwan.

2017/05 Hong Kong Jinxin Consultant Co. Ltd. was established
Incorporation of Golden Star Alliance International Limited Hong Kong

2017/06 GTIC Taiwan & Hong Kong Signing Ceremony 
Taiwan GTIC Gold Refinery Co. Ltd. sumission for Hong Kong listing.

2017/06 Shenzhen, Qianhai 4th Board Equity Exchange - GTIC Group Listing
Listing of Fujian GTIC in Qianhai Equity Exchange

2017/06 South Australian Red Wine Enters Taiwan Market 
Ceremony import of wine from Southern Australia to Taiwan and China


2018/01 GTIC Gold Refinery (Myanmar) Co., Ltd. in Myanmar

2018/02 Incorporation of Zhuhai Hengqin GTIC Gold

Precious Metal Co., Ltd. in Hengqin

2018/03 Incorporation of GTIC Travel Agency Co., Ltd.

in Taiwan

2018/05 Australia Inspection Tour - Visit Wine Village and Experience Gold Panning

2018/08 Yunus Foundation established

GTIC Group Volunteer Branch

2018/10 GTIC 1st Flagship Gold House - Velocity Mall, Kuala Lumpur

GRAND OPENING on 17th Octoer 2018

2018/11 Kuala Lumpur Flagship Gold House officially opened

2018/11 Cooperative Alliance achieved with Baird & Co.

2018/11 Great Art Drawing Competition Sponsored by GTIC Group

2018/12 GTIC Charity Anniversary

2018/12 Alchemy Factory Visit & 2 Days 1 Night Tour to Star Cruise Island with Malaysian Shareholders


2019/02 GTIC First Launched

Year of the Pig Chinese Zodiac Souvenir Gold Bullion

2019/03 GTIC's Gold House in the Eastern Malaysia is open for business

In Kota Kinabalu, GTIC's 2nd flagship store is ready for business

2019/03 GTIC Group President & Vice President,

Mr. Victor Soh and Ms. Syengnel, have each been awarded with the Prestigious Iconic Award

2019/04 GTIC 3rd Falgshiop Gold House - Malacca

Grand Opening on 23rd April 2019 

2019/04 Memorandum Establishment for Malaysian Branch

2019/06 General meeting of shareholders of

GTIC Gold Refinery Co., Ltd at 4th floor, No.101 Songjiang Road, Taiwan.

2019/07 GTIC Gold Refinery Co., Ltd. Won Milan Top 100 Achievement Award

2019/08 GTIC Gold Refinery Co., Ltd. Won "Asia's Most Impactful Brand Awards" in "International Most Impactful Awards"

2019/09 Successful Listing for GTIC Gold Refinery Co., Ltd.

Registered via Taipei Exchange, Stock Code: 6760

2019/10 Took Part in Macau Malaysia SME Trade Expo

at Macau Fisherman’s Wharf Convention and Exhibition Centre


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