Gold Bars - as an Investment or Savings​

There are two options in investing or saving gold bars –

1. Pure 999.9 grade gold bars 

2. Commorative Pure 999.9 grade gold bars.​

The value  of gold bars are basically the same price as in the open market. Which is traded daily in the international market, and the price fluctuate depending on the sales and demand of the commodity.

Are the Gold that you have invested or saved worth the value of the Market Price?

This depends very much on its premium or purity of the gold grade, to ensure that you are investing or saving with the premium gold grades your gold must be from:

  • Recognized Precious Metal Refineries

  • Branding of the gold bars

  • Internationally renown and accepted

  • Packaging and storage

  • Manufacturing warranties and after sales service

GTIC Commorative Gold Bars as an investment or savings  have a higher premium value, this has  generated a greater demand with a collection value as compared with other gold bars.

The higher value of the commorative  gold bars are mainly determined by the following factors:

1. Limited Edition

2. Value increases with age and demand

3. Recognized Precious Metal Refinery (SPRM)

4. Value in commemorative significance

With limited edition and limited quantity available in the market, GTIC commorative gold bars command a much higher appreciation and historic significance. Most investors purchase GTIC commorative gold bars for its bullish investment value, as well as for its collection and appreciation value. All in all, it posses a great significance  as an investment or savings.  


GTIC Merlion Gold Bars

             1g                             2.5g                              5g                             10g                                 20g                             50g                            100g                    

Singapore Commorative Merlion Gold Bars

                    1g                             2.5g                                 5g                                 10g                              20g                             50g                            100g                    

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