GTIC Group-1225 Thumps Up


GTIC Group is as dedicated to the public welfare and business groups. It is not only the disadvantaged children in remote areas, low-income families, cold students, and corners neglected in society. Jinpinxuan Group has gone to the deepest to send love warmth. Everyone who needs help. 

Embrace Hope - The big hand held the little hand to pass the love down to the charity event on December 24, 2017. The scene raised the amount of 133,403 yuan for the children. The vice president of Jin Pinxuan Group Luo Tingxuan hopes to give the children in remote areas a warm Christmas. After a good year, I will increase my donation amount to 350,000 yuan and donate to seven public welfare units.  Since its establishment, Jinpinxuan Group has not only worked hard for the brand glory, but also invested in social welfare activities. It has stepped into the Taiwanese end of Taiwan and gave back to Taiwan on the ground. It also invited many pioneers to make a joint contribution to social welfare. The force also allowed this plan of love to continue.  Jin Pinxuan Group Vice President Luo Tingxuan hopes that Jin Pinxuan Group has helped hundreds of disadvantaged families since its third anniversary. In addition to leading the Jinpinxuan Group in the new year of 2018, it also led all employees to join hands in public welfare and give back to the society. Light up the hopes of disadvantaged children and pave the way for the next generation.