GTIC Travel Agency Co., Ltd. Taiwan



This beautiful treasure island in Taiwan has people, things, and things that make us scream. If you have money, the travel agency will not only bring you to explore the deepest beauty of Taiwan, but also enter the local culture, time history and let you Learning the knowledge of investing in gold, in addition to travel is also a journey to get rich.

Good money travel agency profile : The first time I heard this name , I feel that it is very powerful & well remembered . It was founded in January 2018 with the support of President Jin Jinxuan Group and Vice President Luo . The purpose is to serve the majority of members. And customers , for them to do a full range of travel services : license management & travel planning & ticket hotel & play shopping arrangements , whether domestic or foreign , customized tailor-made products to meet customer needs ... future , the company will also be with the pace of development of the Group , and actively develop the overseas market source , follow-up Group-owned undertakings , with tourism as a link , connected in series each of the different business units , so that all our members and customers , can enjoy the company growth brought about by the results.