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Precious Metal Business

Property Business

GTIC Gold Trade

GTIC Gold Trade International Co. Ltd.

Fujian GTIC Gold Trade International

Zhuhai GTIC Gold Trade International

GTIC Gold Refinery Myanmar Co. Ltd.

Singapore Precious Metal Refinery Pte. Ltd.

Property Development in Australia




Agriculture Business

Winery - Australia

Tea - Taiwan

Rice -  Myanmar

Honey - Malaysia

Powdered Milk - Australia

  • Offices & Refineries in :

        - Taiwan

        - Singapore

        - Malaysia

        - China

        - Myanmar


  • Gold Refinery

  • Silver Refinery

  • Sources : Scrap Jewellery; Silverware; High Grade Industrial Scrap; Other Bullion.

  • Laboratories

  • Trading Houses

  • Vault


  • Investment - Bullion

  • Precious Industrial Products

  • Bespoke Commissions

GTIC Precious Metal Operations

  • Refiner & Retailer of Investment Precious Metal Bars

  • Owner of the Merlion Brand & GTIC Brand gold bullions

GTIC Precious Metal Products

Our Full Range of Minted Bars

  • Minted Gold Bars From 1g - 100g  

  • Minted Silver Bars from 1g - 500g​​

  • Gold & Silver Cast Bars 100g, 500g & 1000g

  • Bullion Coins

  • Numismatics

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